Thursday, 24 February 2011

Things that I have learned.

What motivates me:

Finding within my work amongst all my mistakes; a detail that I am pleased with.

Things that I have learned-
  • It’s ok to cheat with texture: By this I mean that I now realise that I don’t have to spend so much time creating prints, trying to get the texture just right. It’s perfectly ok to add texture digitally and spend more time on the idea and design.

  • Keep Drawing/Doodling: As someone who doesn’t have a large amount of confidence in drawing, this has taken a while to discover. However, I can now see that it really helps to be continuously drawing/doodling while thinking up ideas.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Wow, this blog post really is a long time coming, I've been meaning to post it for months now; still better late than never,eh? In about November last year (yep it's that long ago) I found out about 'Owt'. What did I find out about 'Owt'? I found out that 'Owt' is a design collective from Manchester; I also found out that 'Owt' produce a monthly zine and then I found out that 'Owt' take submissions from other North West based creatives to feature in these Zines. Every Zine has a different theme and the theme for this Zine was 'reality'. At first I wasn't really sure if I had owt that I could send to the guys at 'Owt'; but then I remembered the narrative sequence I created at the start of the term, the one where a dog and his owner switch places.Maybe that could fit the brief? They were switching each others 'realities' after all. 
So, I sent off a couple of images and the guys at 'Owt' were really, really kind and published them in the zine. And then just the other week they included the images in an exhibition they had. Again really,really kind of them! I'm really greatful to them and would like to return the favour as best I can by encouraging you all to visit their website: and to urge you all to send them your submissions!
You'll be glad that you did; I found that the whole process really helped me to build up confidence about approaching people and helped with my 'fear of submitting work'. I was really impressed with the work that these guys produce and the diverse range of talent from across the region.
All in all a really positive learning experience, these guys really helped me owt (sorry-bad joke-but I just couldn't resist)!

Tribute to Charles Schulz