Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Portfolio visit: 'Music'

Yesterday I went for a portfolio visit at 'Music'. It helped that I had already been there a couple of times and met some of the people that work there, it meant that I felt far more relaxed about it than I would normally. When I got there I met up with Craig and Ed, I talked them through my portfolio and then they gave me their feedback. They were both very generous with their time, really helpful with their feedback and I feel that the experience has made me more confident about approaching people in the future.

While showing them my work I mentioned that I now find that my favorite part of the design process is coming up with the ideas. While Craig said this was a good way of thinking he also said that sometimes it looks as though I have come up with the idea and then rushed the piece itself. For example when I presented them my 'heroes' installation concept a few months ago they felt that the idea was strong but that the images needed a lot of work, hence over the summer I'd send work back and forth to Ed until I'd got it as they wanted it.

The same was a true of a booklet that I had created, they liked the images but felt that the piece was let down by the text which looked to have been rushed, and so this diverted attention from the illustrations themselves.

I also got some advice on improving my portfolio, like sticking to either landscape or portrait throughout to make it easier to look through and bringing along some of the 3D pieces that are shown to give people a better idea of what they look like and how they are made.They gave me some tips for improvement in terms of the order and layout to make it clearer and to make it flow better.

Encouragingly they both seemed to think that I have a style, which came as good news as I've been worrying about 'finding my style' for a while now. They both agreed though that the 'Heroes' project seems to be the only piece without that style: whereas the rest of my work has a more textured feel about it (a lot of it being printed) this project stands out for being minimalist and digital.

Overall, they seemed to like the work and the feedback was really helpful. It was a really positive experience, I now feel like I know what I need to do in order to improve my work and portfolio and feel more confident as a result. Cheers guys!

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