Sunday, 20 March 2011

Home Sweet Home

As I've mentioned previously: over the last few weeks, all of us on the illustration course have been putting together a publication to raise both funds and awareness for 'The Wellspring'; a resource centre for homeless and disadvantaged people, located in Stockport.

Each page of the publication is dedicated to a particular issue covered by the charity. We were each allocated a page and asked to produce an illustration which represents the issue.

The publication is called 'Home Sweet Home' and last week we finally got our copies from the printers. I'm really pleased with the way that 'HSH' looks and I'm really pleased with the guys on my course who all did a fantastic job. It was a real team effort and I think we've produced something that we can all be proud of. But, hey, don't take my word for it, see for yourself (I've added a link below each artwork to the relevant persons blog/website):

    Hannah Cheetham                                   Philippa Lightburn

Gabrielle Taylor                        Megan Thomas

Dominique Byron                                       Ian Murray

 Joanna Spicer                                  Chloe Jones


   Laura Gilbert                                  Katie Broome

Rebecca Hadfield                                Alexander Birks

Mil Connors                                           Kyle Hart

Matt Bray                                    Eleanor Mulhearn

Holly Mcloughlin                                  Rebecca Longden

Emma Thorpe                                 Paul Underhill

Kris Sale                                        Rosie Wilman

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  1. many thanks for the links, and nicely photographed, cheers mush!