Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Jim Flora's 'The Fabulous Firework Family'

So, today me and Jord were talking about about illustrators from the fifties and we both mentioned how much we love the work of Jim Flora. That was when I realized that I have yet to post any of Jim Flora's fantastic, playful and wonderfully imaginative work on my blog. So, with that in mind, I decided I would post some today.

There are so many amazing examples of Jim Flora's work that I could have chosen to show you: his archetypal record covers, his beautiful fine art paintings and intricate woodcuts. I was really spoiled for choice! In the end I decided to start with his 1955 book for children 'The Fabulous Firework Family'. This showcases all that I have come to love about Jim Flora's work: his sharp and exciting style of depicting inventive characters using captivating colours; all coming together to create work that buzzes with energy and fun. This book is absolute treat, the kind that I wish I'd been given as a child. Enjoy: 

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