Monday, 4 April 2011

Dan Yaccarino's 'Circle Dogs'

I came across Dan Yaccarino's 'Circle Dogs' a few months ago now and since then I've found myself returning to it time and again as a constant source of inspiration. 'Circle Dogs' is fast becoming one of my favorite children's books and Dan Yaccarino is fast becoming one of my favorite illustrators. 

Recently I've become interested in creating illustrations that are made up of simple, dynamic shapes and simple, effective colour schemes: Yaccarino's illustrations for 'Circle Dogs' are the perfect example of this. This is a fantastic children's book created by a fantastic illustrator, a pure joy from start to finish and one that I'm keen to share with you all. That's why I've decided to post some of my favorite examples from the book alongside some fascinating shots of Yaccarino creating the book (using his painstaking method of painting with gouache). See for yourself:

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