Sunday, 15 May 2011

Development of 'Shine in Your Corner'

Usually with this blog, I only post my finished work when I am totally happy with it. This doesn't really feel in the spirit of blogging though, and having shown some of my missteps on the previous post I realize that it is just as important to show what works as what doesn't as it is only through the latter that you can achieve the former. So, with this in mind, here is my development work for 'Shine in Your Corner':

 First of all, a few sketches:

With the full page illustration, I decided to break the character down into shapes:
I did at one point try printing these shapes, but that proved unsuccessful in the end: 

When I eventually made the character digitally, I still felt that there was something missing ( I eventually added shading and a subtle texture):

This is the pattern I created for her dress:

 Finally, here is a 'digital rough' of the spot illustration:

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