Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ragnar Persson

While in Sweden I came across the work of a fantastic artist called Ragnar Persson. There are so many things that I love about his work: I love the honesty and lack of pretensions, this is someone who has loved drawing all his life and sees no reason to stop. This is someone who draws the same thing continuously until he is totally pleased with it. This is someone who rejects what he was taught in art-school, opting instead to continue on his own personal path creating drawings that are honest, beautiful and raw.
I also love the atmosphere that you get from his drawings, they seem to exude a mood that is at once playful and melancholic; and they give a sense of place: from the skillful and sensitive way that he draws the forests, we know that we are in Sweden. I love the way that he draws people, with care and compassion- they are all totally believable and remind us all of people we know. I think it's fair to say I really like his work! See what you think:

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