Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Richard Coleman

Richard Coleman is fast becoming one of my favourite artists. What first attracted me to his work was the way that he draws people in a way that is both sinister and humorous, they reminded me of characters from a Lemony Snicket book. Then I noticed his use of pattern which had a big effect on me, I'd never thought of combing characters and patterns before, it was a big inspiration for my third 'War and Peace' print (see below). Then I noticed his radical use of colour, eye catching but never garish; explosive and yet restrained. When all these elements are put together what we get are images that are wonderfully surreal, it's as if we're given a window into the artists head-into his dreams. What I like most of all is how the surreal nature of the images can be exciting, fun and playful, while at the same time having a slightly disturbing and unsettling undertone ;like David Lynch with brighter colours.

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