Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Vee Speers- The Birthday Party

So, over the summer I went to Stockholm (Highly recommended), while there I went to 'Fotografiska' a new photography museum (Again, highly recommended) and it was there that I saw this fantastic exhibition by Vee Speers called 'The Birthday Party':

The idea behind this exhibition is photographing children in clothes that reflect how their lives will turn out in the future. I really like this idea, it's as if you get a persons entire life story before their life has even got going. We see them as their young and adult selves all at once, missing out the years in between. The photos are at once: beautiful, bleak, disturbing, sad, and humorous. In a sense even though these images are photographs they sum up to me what illustration should be about: representing complex ideas and emotions simply and beautifully.

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