Wednesday, 1 September 2010

War and Peace: Update3

Hi there, wow it's been a while since my last post hasn't it? Sorry about that, but rest assured that I've got plenty of new artists that I've discovered and blogging about shortly. For now though, lets talk about 'War and Peace':
A while ago I received Jord's interpretation of Kris' piece:
I really liked this piece, the style reminded me a lot of the Charles Burn's comics(which me and Jord are both big fans of); and I also liked the way that he had chosen to separate the concepts of war and peace as polar opposites. I thought this was a really clever idea, as previously I had always assumed that I had to have war and peace interacting in some way. So this gave me an idea: why not take the separation idea further and create two separate pieces, one for war and one for peace? After I spent some time thinking it over I realised that I was far more excited about creating an image about peace (still inspired by all the peace posters that we saw at the Picasso exhibition) so I decided to concentrate on that. Here's what I came up with: The idea was to have doves and a white poppy,both of which are symbols for peace; and that the way in which the hands and the birds connect would represent unity. It was partly inspired by this piece by Picasso called 'Hands entwined 3':

I'm reasonably happy with how the piece turned out, at first I was irritated by all of the imperfections, but I suppose that's part of the joy of print. I quite like the 'loopy-all one line' style that I used in this piece as I think it separates it from my previous work from last year; I might try using it again.
I should say,by the way that I've just seen Jord's third piece for this project, and Kris' Hockney inspired photo-joiners from his travels; and their both amazing! Be sure to check them out!
Peace x

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