Wednesday, 14 December 2011

'But isn't that your job?" (Part Two)

For the next match, Music commissioned illustrator '3D Glasses' (Chris White) to produce a poster that would portray the speed with which player Shaun Wright-Phillips moves around the pitch.
 Here's an example of '3D Glasses':

Craig mentioned how another illustrator had tried out the brief but hadn't hit upon quite what they were looking for. Then '3D Glasses' came along and created this:

 When it was time for City to take on Liverpool, it was Craig Bellamy that 'Music' wanted immortalized. They wanted to represent two sides of the player: the often negative public view of him, and his passionate, ferocious side that the fans admire him for. To achieve this they turned to the man often described as the 'Picasso of Gig Posters': Todd Slater.

Slater understood the 'Jekyll and Hyde' duality that the agency wanted to portray and created another successful poster for the campaign:

Craig commented that he could understand how Todd Slater had earned such a reputation: he got what they were after straight away.

Finally, it came time for the big one: the 'Manchester Derby' and the central figure in this showdown was Carlos Tevez, he was the one who had left United, joined City and got City fans very excited. Craig wanted to represent him as an icon for hope, and so turned to the famous 'Hope' poster designed by Shepard Fairey.

Craig wanted to create a poster that would do for Tevez what 'Hope' had done for Obama, he wanted to create a homage that showed Tevez as an icon carrying with him the fans hopes and dreams. And so in collaboration with Shepard Fairey, this is what was created:

This campaign for 'Manchester City' is just one of the projects that Craig told us about in what proved to be a very interesting, informative and entertaining talk. With each project that he went through he took us on a journey from the initial idea to the final piece. We all left with a greater understanding of the industry and what actions we can take to work within it.

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