Sunday, 18 December 2011

'Heroes' Update Four

A while ago the majority of my blogging consisted of updates for a project I was in the middle of for 'Music'. It only just occurred to me that the project has now ended and I haven't followed this up with a blog post.

Over the summer Ed and I would send Emails back and forth to each other, I would send designs and he would send feedback. Between us we eventually settled on a collection of 'Heroes' to use for the installation and came up with designs that we were both happy with. This was a really positive experience and it taught me a lot about the benefits of collaboration and gave me experience in working for clients and working with designers. The final designs were a big leap forward from those that I had initially submitted and I am very grateful to Ed for all his input, help and support.

The designs went up at the end of October and recently came down to make room for a Christmas piece. For the time that the 'Heroes' installation was up, I was really pleased with the results. After all the tests and all the changes, the final designs worked well to fulfill the original idea: the faces were recognizable, worked well together and people enjoyed using them to 'become their heroes'.

I would like to thank Ed and Craig for all their help and for choosing to use my idea even if the initial designs were somewhat rudimentary. I would also like to thank Dom for helping me to put up the installation, to return the favor I recently went in to help her put up her Christmas Installation which is looking great. The whole project was a really enjoyable learning experience. To see how the installation looked, check out this rather amazing website that Ed has been working on, the photos will be up soon.

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